Why Choose Jason?

So, why should you consider Jason's show over other magicians in Michigan? Here are 3 reasons:

1. Experience:

There's a reason I'm called "Michigan's Busiest Magician" and that's becuase I'm performing more shows every year than any other magician in Michigan! (602 shows performed in 2011, 5,592 in the past 10 years). And, without sounding too conceited, there's a reason why I perform so many shows, because audiences REALLY enjoy them and have me back time and again! (In 2011, 62% of my shows were repeat bookings.)

With all my experience, you'll be guaranteed to get a show that will amaze and amuse your audience?

2. Full-Time Magician:

In visiting other Michigan Magician websites, I've noticed something. Many of these magicians are not full-time performers. Why would you hire a magician for your Christmas party who is also a plumber or a teacher? And some other magicians claim to also be a clown, DJ, costume character expert, etc. How can they be an expert in ALL of these different fields?

Magic is all I do, all I've ever done. I'm a full-time magician so everyday I devote to making my show the best it can be, so audiences will have an incredible time!

3. The Show:

I have found it difficult to find videos on websites of magicians in Michigan (in fact, when I did a search on page 1 of Google, only 2 magicians had videos on the home page of their websites, myself and one other performer. Why don't these other magicians come out and show you what they do?)

On my site, you'll find all sorts of video, from my work with adult corporate shows to my performances for family audiences and my large illusion show. I'm proud of my show and am happy to share it with you through the magic of online video!

"Who Is Jason Hudy?"

Winner of several awards in the field of magic for performance excellence, Jason Hudy provides impossible magic and first-class entertainment in a one-of-a-kind magical production!

When you hire Jason, you are hiring a seasoned professional. Jason is one of the busiest professional magicians in the world today.  In fact, over the past ten years, Jason has performed an incredible 5,592 shows. That is an average of one show a day, every day, for the past TEN YEARS STRAIGHT! With all of his experience, you can be sure in Jason's ability to entertain your audience!

Jason has helped organizations such as Chevrolet, Six Flags Theme Parks, ESPN and Lego make their events a smashing success! Some of Jason's other clients include Mitsubishi, Lake Compounce Amusement Park, & many more! Jason has also performed on the "Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" on national CBS-TV!

Jason's programs are flexible to meet your needs, and easy to work with! Depending on the venue and performance circumstances, Jason is able to adapt his programs to fit whatever your needs may be!

Whether he is reading someone's mind or making an audience member the star of the night on stage, with Jason's show, you can see the impossible and be entertained in this one-of-a-kind magical production!

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So, what's next? 
Up next, if you are interested in learning about my shows and to see if we might be a fit for each other, click on an image below! if you are interested in a children's/family event, click that picture. If you are interested in an adult/corporate event, click that picture. You'll get all the info on me to help you make an informed decision! 

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