Magician Guide

So, chances are you have little to no experience with hiring a magician before, right? Well, to help you out I've posted this helpful guide that gives you some ideas of what to look for with hiring a magician.

Jason, why are you doing this, don't you just want me to hire you?

Well of course I'd like you to select me for your event. But even if you don't, I want to make sure you choose a good magician. The reason why is because if the magician you select performs a good show, it raises the standard for the "art" of magic in general. Also others at your event may consider a magician for their future events, and maybe hire me!

If the magician you hire performs a bad show, chances are you'll never hire another one ever again. And guests who are at your party may be "turned off" to magic, thereby reducing the number of people interested in hiring a magician in the future.

So, if you hire a great magician for your event, whether it's me or someone else, it's a win-win-win for everyone!

Before selecting a performer, here are 5 guidelines that you can follow:

1. Do they have video that you can see?

In today's day and age, there is no reason for a magician NOT to have video on their website. If they can't show you what their performances look like, what are they trying to hide?

Also, make sure that in the video you see "real" performances. Anyone can just edit a video to music, and make it look like they are doing a great show, however there may not even be anyone in the crowd! Make sure that you see "live" video where you can hear both the performer AND the audience

On this site, you'll see all sorts of videos. Both my "slick" promotional video and deeper into the site, raw, unedited video so you can hear the audience laughing and having a great time!

2. Do they have testimonials?

Testimonials or evaluations are written words from clients that the magician has worked with before. It's important to make sure that your magician has others who can vouch for their work. However, testimonials are not as important as they used to be, as many magicians are now just making them up! That's why the video is so much more important.

By the way, you can see oodles of my testimonials by visiting my testimonials page. Also, as you go through this site and look at different types of shows, you'll see testimonials that back up that I've performed at those events in the past.

3. Can they show you they've performed at your type of event before?

Magicians are quick to say "yea, I can do that type of event." Many will TELL you they've performed at your type of event, when they may actually have no experience. Before selecting an entertainer, make sure that they can show you, through video, pictures or the written word, that they have performed at your type of event before.

To give you an example, I do not perform "walk-around" magic. It's not my forte, and I am not very good at it. I could easily say "yea, I do that" and take your money, but I would not be providing you with  very good service. If you are looking for theatre shows, community events, corporate events, etc, yes, that's what I'm good at and have video, pictures and testimonials to back that up. If you are looking for "walk-around" magic, contact me and I'd be happy to refer you to other magicians who are much better at that than me!

4. How quickly do they get back to you?

In today's day and age, if a magician takes more than a day to get back to you, that should send up a red flag. You see, it could be an indication as to how the rest of the process together will go. If they are unable or unwilling to respond to you in a timely manner, you may have to be concerned about when they will actually show up to your event, or if they will even show up at all!

Even though I perform across the country, my goal is always to get back to you within 12 hours. In addition, I ALWAYS call/email a week before the event to confirm the details, to put both of us at ease!

5. What is your gut feeling?

Look at the magician's promotional materials. Are the pictures and video from this century, or do they look like they are from the 1980's? Talk to the magician. Are they a "hard seller" or are they easy to talk to? Use your gut instinct. Magicians seem to have a bad rap as "weirdos" or "out of touch" but I'm here to tell you that there ARE magicians in Michigan who are good performers and will be terrific at your event!

Ok Jason, what's next?

I hope this page has helped you a little bit in understanding what to look for when hiring a magician. Up next, if you are interested in learning about my shows and to see if we might be a fit for each other, click on an image below! If you are interested in a children's/family event, click that picture. If you are interested in an adult/corporate event, click that picture. You'll get all the info on me to help you make an informed decision!


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