Adult/Corporate Show

Below is Jason's "corporate show" video, different than the video on the previous page.
(Video length is 5 minutes, 7 seconds long)

Please note that this is NOT a professionally produced video. This is real video shot at a real show for an Orthodontic banquet. Sometimes you can't see what is happening onstage, sometimes people walk in front of the camera but the whole time you will be able to HEAR how much fun the audience is having. I guarantee the same type of results for your group as well!

Michigan Magician Corporate Magic Show

“Imagine your guests with their jaws on the ground as Jason seems to read their mind, knowing thoughts and ideas that no one should know."

"Imagine your guests laughing and smiling from ear to ear during this fast-paced and witty show."

"There is no need to imagine, magician Jason Hudy has been achieving results like this for years, and would like to do the same for your event!"

"From the crowd's reaction and what I heard afterwards,
Jason's show was a fun, entertaining experience for everybody. We we
all pleased with Jason's fast-paced and witty show that
exceeded our expectations."

K.P. Lobbe, Chairman & CEO of BASF Corporation

Picture this . . . . .

Jason stands onstage holding an oversized envlope.

6 members of your audience write down a word, ANY word they would like to on a notecard.

A 7th member of the audience takes the notecards, and has a free choice of ANY one of those words.

The 7th audience member names out loud the word they choose. Incredibly, Jason pulls one word out of his oversized envelope, the exact same word the audience member was thinking of!

That's the only word in the envelope, this is a routine that will FLOOR any audience! And the entire show is FILLED with equally amazing displays of mind-reading, influencing choices, and predicting the future!

15-45 minutes in length, this show is designed for corporate events, smaller "variety spots", smaller cruise ship theaters or any where else you may be looking for some mind-boggling entertainment!

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