Children/Family Show

Do you want to see your audience laughing and having a great time like the audiences in the video below?

This is Jason's "family show" promotional video, different than the video on the previous page. (Video length is 5 minutes, 28 seconds)

 Magicians in Michigan New Wands

 Magicians in Michigan Children Watch

Ok, now choose the type of children's/family event you are having
from the list below!

Magician in Michigan School Assembly Show
School Show (Educational Assembly, Family Fun Night, etc)


Magician in Michigan Birthday Party
Birthday Party Magic Show


Magician in Michigan Magic Show
Other Family/Children's Magic Show (Library, Daycare, Parks and Rec, etc)


Blue and Gold Magic Show
Blue and Gold Cub Scout Magic Show


Magician in Michigan Holiday Show
Holiday Magic Show


Magician in Michigan Childrens Show
Private Family/Children's Magic Show (In your house, banquent center, etc)